Mouthpiece Artisans

Dr. Paul Tenney

"Let me say without reservation that the Superials you sent me are absolutely the finest reeds I've ever played. There is incredibly fine finish work done on the excellent cane and a superb balance on the tip, heart, and sides of the reed. I played them and played them again and again....what GREAT reeds. These remarks extend to all models that I tried from clarinet to tenor sax. My mouthpieces are FLAT! Your reeds are FLAT! The contour of your reeds is extremely even and matches excellently with the facing curves I use. Superials provide the "body" I want without the work I've been doing to get it! By the way, I just got time to play the new Classique clarinets and am simply impressed beyond description!!! They are just incredible. I went to Iowa University today and tested them on a DAT recorder in the Audio Laboratory. Both the audio playback and harmonic scope analysis showed DRAMATIC improvement in every aspect of the tone and at the same time, the response was effortless.

In every respect to any other brand of reeds I've ever played in the last 40 years or so, there's NO COMPARISON."

Dr. Paul Tenney, Mouthpiece Consultant and Technician whose customized pieces have been purchased and played by such world class saxophonists as Michael Brecker, Jerry Bergonzi, Charles Lloyd, Brandon Fields, and many others.


Theo Wanne

"The Alexander Superial Reeds are without question the best reeds I have ever played. I work a lot with vintage mouthpieces as they tend to have a clearer, more alive voice. And this is unanimously what all my customers seem to want in a mouthpiece. The same is true for reeds, and it is very nice to finally find a reed that I would characterize the same way. Using your reeds moves me ahead one more step towards creating the most clear, alive, and dynamic sounds possible from the saxophone. All the other reeds I've tried seem dead and stuffy in comparison. I have definitely decided to stock your reeds, and will be recommending them to all my friends and customers."

Theo Wanne, who probably possesses the largest vintage mouthpiece collection in the world at his shop, Saxophone Mouthpiece Heaven, is sought after for his vintage pieces, refacing work and vintage saxophones. He is fast becoming one of the top people in all of these areas"